The cruel woman demon Putana wen´t to kill children in the towns , villages and meadows. Her only occupation was to kill the babies. She had the power to move in the air and to assume any form that she was wishing. This vagabond this one of the skies entered Gokula to will and assumed the form of a beautiful woman. She entered Nanda’s house and saw the divine son in the cradle, which was the same death for the perverse ones, with latent power and brilliance, as the fire hidden in the ash. The cruel Putana put the baby in her, lap and nursed it with her breasts full of poison. The Lord Kirshna pressed her breasts with his hands and absorbed her essential breath across them. She began to shout, “leave me, leave me, be enough! ". Her eyes were astronomical. Until to the end she fell died as a great mountain.

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